How it got started ...

Back in 1924, among the Banat plains, the idea was born in the city of Vršac.

An idea that combined elegance, noble values, high aestetics and united us in the design and production of berets of unique quality. From its inception, more than 90 years ago, until today, our story has grown from a small, warm craft shop, to a serious manufacturing industry. That is how Grof was founded.

Our growth and development went in one direction – uncompromisingly following our first ideas, values and goals, from which we never deviate. Constant and persistent preservation of tradition, investment in training and development of proven master staff is our greatest pride and guarantee of quality. Today, we bring aristocratic style into everyday fashion.

Grof is for those who recognize and wear that style and uniqueness.



Wool thread obtained from the finest Merino sheep enters the very first stage of the process, which is knitting. Carefully calibrated stitches guarantee beret’s traditional round shape.


This step consists of merging the knit into a circular beret body.


During this phase, the beret is placed in the machine with hammers and warm soapy water. This mixing process creates a felt, making the beret soft and tightening the seam. Thanks to the unique properties of merino wool, the beret becomes denser, while its diameter becomes smaller, retaining its breathable property.


The deep, radiant tones that our company has celebrated are achieved by mixing colors according to a strictly confidential formula. In addition to the color composition, the result depends on various variables that must be fine-tuned, such as thread and water quality, temperature and dyeing our berets has been perfected by decades of experience.

Shaping & Drying

After coming out of the dyeing machine, the beret is pulled onto the mold. The molds are then placed on carts that go in the dryer. When they dry, they are removed from the mold that gives the final diameter to the berets.


The berets are brushed and then shaved giving it a fluffy and unusually soft property. This is followed by sewing the lining, mostly made of satin, leather headband, a woven label that gives the beret an identity … and then, finally, there are all the little details we add to our berets giving them a character that our customers will recognize.